The key factors to help you sustain your HCLF raw vegan lifestyle.

I have been experimenting with the raw food lifestyle since 2015, and yes I have fallen off the wagon countless times. Today, I would like to share and discuss with you some of the propositions that I, and other raw foodists see as important for the long term sustainability of the raw vegan lifestyle. Thank you all for your contributions.

Key factors to help you sustain your high carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle
Be yourself and do not allow others to make you doubt your choices
  1. Diet alone can’t get you where you want to go aka healthy food habits need to go hand in hand with the appropriate STRESS management practices
  2. Paying attention to your caloric intake matters. Please make sure to eat enough calories especially during transition phase. Eat as much as you want and as often as you desire to feel satisfied. Smartphone applications, such as the Chronometer are very useful for this purpose.
  3. The sense of belonging and social support is a MUST. Connect with likeminded people. If you can not find them where you live try connecting via social media. There are many amazing Instagram accounts and/or you can choose to join one of the raw vegan Facebook groups.
  4. Feeling supported by loved ones makes sustaining this lifestyle much easier. Please, explain to your close family and friends why you are giving this lifestyle a chance and what your goals are.
  5. Educating oneself is important. Immerse yourself in the literature on this subject and keep evolving.
  6. Including regular exercise and regular exposure to sun matters. Incorporate some gentle stretching exercises and some light cardio into your daily routine.
  7. The quality of produce matters. Make sure to eat ripe fruits in sufficient amounts. Unripe fruit will leave you hungry, bloated and prone to binge eating.
  8. Making your diet into religion won’t get you there. Continuous urge to defend your food choices can become tiresome and demotivating in the long run.
  9. Choose your healthy lifestyle wholeheartedly. Stop seeking approval by others. It is not necessary.

I hope that this little blog post helps you to stay focused on your goals. How do you feel about the points I made? Which of them seem to be the most difficult to deal with in your case?

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank to all of my Instagram friends who contributed to this text (@sweetliferaw, @naturallyrawsome, @selenefruitwanderer, @meytal_miller, @rawwilhelmiina)

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