How going raw made me do something I could never imagine to do..

Fruit is love, fruit is energy, fruit is connection. This is how I can describe it in three sentences.

Mother practicing self love
Fall in unconditional love with yourself and others around you.

Adopting the high fruit lifestyle has changed my perceptions about myself and the world around me. When I went raw vegan in 2017 I felt amazing. I was 7 months post partum with my number 4 and I had so much energy that I thought I could take on anything. And I did.

I did embark on the most challenging task I possibly could. I believed that I was strong and ready to help others and I decided that I want to help my mother, who has been suffering from depression, insomnia, overweight and many other alignments, with a high raw vegan diet. Oh boy, how little did I know about healing back then.

Anyways, I brought my mom with me to the Netherlands with the determination that she deserves a better life. During the first three months that she lived with us she achieved amazing results. She lost 25kg and she got totally meds free. Her Dutch GP could not believe. Her blood sugar was perfect, her blood pressure was fine. And that after years on a heavy cocktail of 25 different pills; antidepressants, blood pressure pills, pills for diabetes, blood thinning meds and sleeping pills to name some.

While she was achieving wonderful results I was going down the hill. Why? Because I did not know anything about self love. I invested all my effort in taking care of my family and I totally neglected myself. And this did not go without consequences.

I was tired, I lost my appetite, I was very irritable and I did not behave nice to my mother who could not bear it for long. I started to accuse her of many things that went wrong in my life. My wonderful attempt failed after 7 months when she decided to leave because she could not bear my irritable behavior any longer.

It is hard to accept this failure but it is wonderful to have this experience. 7 months with my mom made me realize so much. I found the courage to forgive her and not judge her for anything she chose to do when I lived with her. I started to see her own struggles and I could understand that she did for me the best she could. Let’s love our parents for who they are because they truly deserve it.

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