“I can not imagine to eat all raw”

Many people will say: “ I can not imagine to eat only raw food” or what my husband hears a lot recently “I could never do that”. Yes, it is exactly like that. As soon as we keep to these or similar beliefs we will never be able to. It is that simple.

Today, I was thinking that eating raw is very easy for me now. I don’t experience any temptations to eat cooked food. But it has not always been like that. I think this has to do with two factors:

1. Eating enough calories from fruit.

When I would not eat enough calories from fruit I would always feel like I need those cooked potatoes in the evening. And naturally so, my body was deprived of fuel that it needs to function properly so it was looking for calorie dense options.

2. Making the choice wholeheartedly.

I mean really choosing what I want and then going for it. No doubts. That is it. It is just like realizing that when something does not serve us anymore we can let it go. Our minds can make a big deal about letting go of something we are familiar with but it is up to us to decide whether our current behavior serves us or not. It does not matter if we succeed at our first attempt we can always choose again. That is the most important to remember.

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