My PhD journey while parenting four young children

This is me on the day of my PhD defense. 3 young children and almost 38 weeks pregnant with number 4. Guess what was in my handbag that day: Two bottles of green juice.

Do you believe that you can achieve anything you choose to? I do.

PhD journey while parenting  four young children
The day of my PhD defense. 38 weeks pregnant with our fourth daughter.

I started my Phd when I was 5months pregnant with Elizabeth (November 2010) and I finished it when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Matilda (October 2016). Is not that amazing?

Working on PhD while continuously carrying, birthing and breastfeeding children taught me so much.

Among many things the following:

🙏🏻 To accept that perfection is not necessary for achieving my goals

🙏🏻 To understand that troubled relationships with others are not their fault but rather my own behavioral patterns

🙏🏻 To question my priorities in life

🙏🏻 To critically consider all normative statements and understand how I feel about them because in the end they are always subjective

🙏🏻 It even made me go vegan

There were good times when everything seemed to flow well and there were bad times when I felt stuck and hopeless. I never gave up and I am grateful that I chose this experience even thought I am now a stay at home mom. A wise friend of mine told me when we were children that “Every single experience in our life matters and we do not need to regret anything because when we chose it we truly wanted it (in that moment of now). You can also do anything you truly choose to do when you choose it wholeheartedly.

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