Slow progress is also progress.

No matter how many mistakes we make or how slow our progress is the only thing that matters is that we keep on trying.

That we keep on consciously choosing the path we want to walk while knowing that no matter how many times we divert from it we can always return and walk it again.

Some of you told me that it is hard to eat raw vegan. And I agree. It is challenging to change the habit. And therefore, it is important to allow yourself to take as much time as you need and do it in your own tempo. It took me at least 2 years to go fully raw and I am still learning every single day. When I went raw I did not go straight on a high fruit diet. I remember I was eating sprouted buckwheat blended with bananas and dates for breakfast, big smoothie for lunch and a big salad for dinner, which still had olive oil, olives and salt in it. And I felt amazing. My skin was super smooth and my energy was super high.

There were days that I could not go without adding some fermented tofu to my salad. So I did. Other days, I felt like adding some canned corn or beans. So I did. But then there was one day when I did not feel like I need to add those anymore. Sustainable change can come slowly there is no need to rush it anywhere. This applies to our eating habits and also to our ways of thinking.

Let’s try to be gentle to ourselves while knowing that we are well on the way.

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