My children are my best teachers

What is done in love and joy is done well. And this applies to everything. Our relationships, our work, our lifestyle, our eating habits, our creativity and our self care.

Conscious parenting. Mother and daughter.
Children come to us to unlearn us the patterns that do not serve us.

When I look at my children especially Matilda who is 2 years old I can see clearly that everything she does is coming from the place of love and joy. She will simply not engage in activities that are not fulfilling for her.

So sometimes, I wonder when in our life do we lose this joy and love driven behavior. I suspect that it must be weaken by the most important people who surround us when we are small; our parents, friends, family and relatives.

Sometimes, I see it so clearly that we parents teach our children to deny their natural desires. We say: Now you HAVE TO study; You CAN’T be playing all day long; Life is NOT only fun etc.

We just pass on the same sentences that we heard when we were small. And if we keep on repeating these and similar sentences long enough our children internalize them because they start to believe in them.

I tried to talk about this with people but I have not been able to have a nuanced discussion about this. Most people will say that children need to learn societal norms. But I don’t agree. If we do want to make this world a better place we need to start to observe our own limiting patterns and stop passing them onto our children. What if we are here to learn from them? To let go of everything that we were taught? What do you think guys? I love to hear your thoughts on this.

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