The power to change your life lies within you.

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Does this sound familiar or is this something that you still need to discover guys?

I remember days, and it was not that long ago when I was exhausted, I felt like I can’t manage our household, children and family life. In those moments I often thought that my husband Peter was not helping me enough. But that was not true.

One day he told me: “I observe you and I notice that even though you could take time to slow down during the day, you don’t do it. You always keep on going and it seems to me like you just DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF to let go and relax”.

You can imagine what my first reaction was probably. It went something like this: “You don’t understand anything.” “You have no clue how things are with four small kids during the day”. “You leave to work in the morning and come back when everything is ready”. “You go to work to have fun and I struggle here”. I could keep on going but I will stop here. You get it!

But then I realized how deep his statement was. The phrase: “You don’t ALLOW yourself” resonated so strong with me. I needed to accept that it was true. So now during the day when I start to feel like I have done much I stop and try to check if it is time to allow myself to have some break.

How to you manage your boundaries guys? I still struggle by times but noticing this definitely helps me a great deal! I hope it can help you, too.⠀

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