Are you confident about your (raw) vegan food choices?

Once you are confident about your choices, no one can use them against you.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when other people ask you curious questions about your lifestyle and instead of responding with enthusiasm you find yourself in a defensive mode?

Maybe these people don’t even question what you do…maybe you do. Do you feel that you need to defend your lifestyle choices? If you feel that you do there is some work to be done.

This happened to me often in the past. Every time, I would ‘need’ to eat somewhere outside of our house I would feel uncomfortable. I would think that other people are going to think that I am strange.

I would think that they are going to feel offended when I am not eating the food they prepared. I would think that maybe I should just be easier with this and be more flexible and keep my strange eating habits for at home.

But then there was that day when I realized that those people did not think that about me. It was me who doubted myself. Does this sound familiar?

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