My symptoms when I do not eat enough calories.

Hey guys, today I would like to share some of my experience and symptoms of not eating enough. You hear me talking about this often and I wont stop. This is so important.

I experienced the following symptoms since I was 15yo during the periods of inadequate calories intake. Maybe some of you can relate and talking about this can create some awareness.

So here are the symptoms I noticed when I don’t eat enough calories.⠀

  • Bloating⠀
  • Lack of appetite⠀
  • Constipation⠀
  • Skin breakouts⠀
  • Low energy⠀
  • Feeling down⠀
  • Difficulty to get up in the morning⠀
  • Tiredness⠀
  • Hair loss⠀
  • Cravings for dense foods like pasta, bread, beans and fat⠀
  • Lack of interest to connect with others⠀
  • Irritability

Now, I wondered what causes me to not eat enough because this is very important. The answer is: 1. Emotional instability of which I am often not even aware. This almost always leads to , a lack of self care. 2. Years of subconscious food restricting mindset.

I remember reading once about the inability of our body to process emotions and food in the same time. The text suggested that our body can either focus on food digestion or emotional processing. This suggest that some of us choose to digest emotions and not to eat while others overeat to avoid processing emotions.

After periods of not eating enough I often loose my appetite and that is the reason I use chronometer to help me to stay on track. I use chronometer as my guide not as my bible. I won’t eat more than I feel comfortable with but I still appreciate this tool for helping me stay on tract with eating enough. This is something I am still learning as ridding old habits takes time.

What about you? Do you have a healthy relationship with food?

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