Behind every adversity there is an opportunity.

Behind every adversity there is an opportunity. If you lament over the adversity, you will miss the opportunity.

When I decided to help my sick and depressed mom last year I did not expect that this whole experience will cause me a lot of emotional and physical hurt and trauma. No, it was not my mom who did anything bad to me.

There were many unresolved issues that I buried deep within me, and my mom’s presence just made them surface again. If you don’t know the background of this story check my instagram IGTV movies on depression.

So my mom was living with us. For almost 8 months long. My husband went to work everyday, the oldest two kids went to school and my mom and I had all the time in the world to talk about the past. Until then, I did not know how much resentment I was carrying within me.

When we talked about my childhood I could not remember much positive. I could only point out to negative experiences and tell her that there were many. My mom was shocked. She could remember many good moments and I was shocked that those moments were not ones I remembered.

She told me much about her own childhood and her experiences after she divorced my dad. I finally could stop blaming her for having multiple burnouts and not being able to find any long-term employment. I learned so much from this period but I could not see it in that moment. I only realized all lessons I learned after my mom left because I could not validate her feelings and all the things she was trying to tell me…

I lamented for long that she left. I still feel guilty about it but as the opening statement of this post says: if you lament over adversity you will miss the opportunity. ⠀

Don’t miss your learning opportunities guys!

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