Eating whole food diet is worth it!

Eating the wholefood diet does cost time. I need to be real about it. Yes, it is so much easier to pick up the phone and order some food delivery to our homes.

Yes, there are no dishes and it is so convenient. Another thing that people ask me often is what is the cost of eating healthy. And again I can be real about it. The cost of real food is higher than the cost of processed food and it makes total sense. Most fresh whole food is low in fat and high in water content and this means that we need to eat more of it in volume.

Moreover, the fresh whole food is perishable and this drives its price higher when compared to processed food alternatives. Still, in the end of the day our bodies are the most precious servants we have. They are working for us all day and night making sure we can function properly and enjoy this beautiful life. Don’t you think that our bodies deserve the best fuel we can provide them with?

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