My views on weightloss

This blog post contains a synthesis of the posts I wrote on my Instagram account about weightloss.

I often get questions about weigh loss and I think this is such an important topic to talk about. Especially in the society where calorie restriction has been seen as the only way to control weight. I personally believe that our weight is influenced by a combination of many factors. In this post, I would like to discuss the four perspectives that seem to be relevant to weightloss.

WEIGHTLOSS (Factor 1: The state of mind)

Raw vegan ice cream.  Dairy free ice cream.
There is no need to cut the calories from carbohydrates in order to stay lean.

Many people do not realize that the major factor that influences our health and weigh is the state of our mind. What do I mean by this? It is very simple. I find that the busier I get in my mind the more I disconnect from my true desires. And when this happens, I get out of sync with my own body. By busy, I mean: wanting to take the best care of my family, wanting to manage my instagram account, wanting to have a clean house, wanting to prepare healthy food, wanting to be a good wife, wanting to do sport.. and the list goes on… Most of these wants are usually born out of the lack of self approval and self respect. Becoming aware of our self destructive beliefs and tuning into our own unique needs is so important when we want to loose or maintain our weight. So let’s consider our most basic needs next.

I. Our body, mind and spirit need sufficient amount of sleep.

Sleep is so important and there is so much more about sleep than just how many hours one spends in bed everyday. The amount of REM sleep and the amount of deep sleep play a very important role in influencing our emotional and physical recovery as well as our stress hormone level.

II. Turn off the fight or flight mode

Our body needs to operate in a mode that is not stimulated by constant adrenaline rush All wants that I discussed above cause us to be in this state most of the time. Taking the time to slow down and sit still, read or listen to an inspiring audiobook or watch an inspiring movie can be very beneficial for turning down the fight or flight mode.

III. Stay connected with loving people

Our soul needs to be surrounded by people who give us the sense of belonging, worthiness and love. Besides my friends and family, I also love to connect with many wonderful people who are interested in the same subjects and like to share with me via my Instagram account @zuzusrawjourney.

IV. Unleash your own creativity

Our spirit always wants to express its creativity. We desire to feel and live free and unlimited. Finding our creativity outlet is so important. I feel creative when I write, when I take pictures, when I dress myself and love myself in the mirror. So many ways to get creative. Release all your fears and do what you love. This book helped me enormously to connect with my true desires. Have a look. It is free.

WEIGHTLOSS (Factor 2: The relationship with food)

Raw vegan salad. Colourfull salad.   Healthy food.
Ask your self honestly what your relationship with food looks like. Do you feel that you should not eat certain foods?

The most obese people are often the most undernourished (801010 book).

Have you ever found yourself feeling that you “SHOULD NOT” eat certain foods or you “SHOULD” limit yourself to a certain amount of food? If your answer is YES, I suspect that you may have an unhealthy relationship with food. This had been the case for me since I was 15yo. The interesting thing is that I internalized this pattern of thinking to such a degree that I was no longer aware of it. What I knew was that I suffered indigestion problems but I did not know why. Until, I went raw and experienced the extreme of not eating enough (If you want to read about my symptoms Click here).

It is important to realize that fruit has different amount of nutritional value and calories depending on various factors. These are for example: Fruit variety, the quality of soil in which it was grown, how much sun did it receive and how early it was harvested. This means that even when you use an app like the Chronometer you must pay attention to the fruit quality. If you eat 7 unripe bananas and you enter them in this app you will get a very biased result because these unripe bananas did not get the chance to develop sugars and therefore these bananas will not energize you the same way as ripe bananas would. This is very important because eating a poor quality fruit results in feeling full and bloated and this negatively influences our appetite and further exacerbates kcal deprivation. If you deprive your body of kcal that it needs in a long run (consciously or not) you will find yourself binging on food that you do not want to be eating! And naturally you will gain weight.

WEIGHTLOSS (Factor 3: The food quantity)

Abundance of bananas. Raw vegan lifestyle.
Eating enough calories from carbohydrates is essential for sustaining the high carb low fat lifestyle.

Why you should eat at least 2500kcal on HCLF (raw) vegan lifestyle. Since I shared my chronometer output I have been receiving many questions about my calorie count. Many of you ask me how is it possible that I burn so many calories and why it is important to eat this much.⠀HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT YOU BURN SO MANY KCAL? (3000kcal a day)⠀

First, I am a very active and lactating woman. Second, I believe that in order to function properly our bodies need much more fuel than the mainstream society wants us to believe.⠀

Look around and consider why many people depend on drinking coffee to keep on going and staying alert. I suspect that the reason is pretty simple: many people want to keep on running despite their sleep and kcal deficit. Having sufficient amount of both is extremely important! If you don’t eat enough kcal it is unlikely that you wake up energized and happy no matter how long you stay in bed. This surely applies to me.⠀

Furthermore, if you crave caffeine, chocolate, excess salt and other stimulants, I suspect that you are not eating enough. Also if you feel constipated and experience binging it is very likely that your body is kcal deprived. The average recommendations that I have seen by other people who are successful with following HCLF lifestyle (raw, cooked or combined) is to eat around 2500kcal a day. Please consider this as a reasonable reference point for an active woman and remember that everyone is different. The bottom line is: Please, never feel like you SHOULD NOT eat when your body is telling you it needs more food. Stop fearing kcal from high carb low fat whole plant based foods. Cooked or raw. Try to enjoy your food in its most natural state and avoid stimulants as much as you can.

WEIGHTLOSS (Factor 4: The state of your inner ecosystem

The type and the amount of food we eat determines the resilience of our body ecology.

Imagine your body being a beautiful ecosystem. Full of life. Think of it like a little planet of its own. It is full of biodiversity and different living communities. It thrives when everything is in balance. It suffers when this is not the case. The quality of your body‘s ecosystem depends on your choices; food (quality & quantity), your thoughts and your emotions (positive & negative).⠀

Imagine your mind to be the government of this ecosystem. This is so important! Our mind is everything; Conscious and Subconscious.⠀

Conscious mind is the mind that responds to our conscious choices. For example, we can make a conscious choice to stop kcal restricting and give our body as much food as it truly needs. Conscious mind is the place where our true power always lies. Whatever we choose to focus on.⠀

Subconscious mind is the mind that carries all behavioral and cognitive patterns that we have been collecting from our childhood on. These are the “programs” (the sets of beliefs about how things SHOULD be) that we learned from our parents, family, friends, schoolteachers, culture and the mainstream media.  You may have heard the saying: “Get out of your own way”. What this saying really means is that we can always make new conscious choices to change any situation.

Next, imagine your body to be a forest. Full of biodiversity. Why? Because this metaphor will help you to understand the real cause of bloating, constipation and weight gain.

When a forest is in its perfect balance there is no surplus or lack of food. ⠀

It continues to thrive until there is some disturbance; such as flood. This flood decreases the food supply for many species and this will put the forest ecosystem in a struggle mode. Depending on the food source that is no longer available the count of some species will decline or totally disappear. The same happens to our body when we undergo stressful periods at work or at home and are too busy to maintain a solid eating schedule.

If someone interfered with such an unbalanced ecosystem (the forest or your stressed body) and would introduce large quantities of food for which there is no longer demand (because species who normally eat that food died during the stressful times) this food would not be eaten and it would start to ferment and putrefy. ⠀

You can imagine what impact this would have on the forest ecosystem if floods and interventions would continue to be the case in a long run: Putrefying food and a lot of gas.⠀

Does this make sense?⠀

Now realize that the same thing happens in our body when we have a stressful lifestyle and tend to forget about regular eating schedule. Under such circumstances, we are constantly stressing our inner ecosystem.. If we continuously keep on changing the amount of food we eat, sometimes too little, other times too much – our body can not find its balance and it becomes bloated and constipated. ⠀

So the bottom line is the following. If you suffer bloating and constipation revisit your eating habits which are stored in your subconscious mind. Most often than not you may not be aware of those at all!!! Any thoughts similar to “I only eat at certain hour”, “I am too busy to eat now”, “I don’t eat ‘xyz’ while being hungry”,“I can’t be hungry I just had my snack” are pointers that you are food restricting.

Also do not try to absorb too much information about diets in a short period of time. This may lead you to apply all of the contradicting information you collected and cause more digestive damage than benefits.

Therefore, choose one approach that promotes abundance and stick to consistently long enough to be able evaluate it. In the future, I will write a blog post about food restriction and metabolism in more details.

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