Bloating and constipation 2

Your body is a complex ecosystem and it needs time to adjust to sudden changes.

Imagine your body to be a forest. Full of biodiversity. Why? Because this metaphor will help you to understand the real cause of bloating and constipation. Consider this. When a forest is in its perfect balance there is no surplus or lack of food. It continues to thrive until there is some disturbance; such as flood. This flood decreases the food supply for many species and this will put the forest ecosystem in a struggle mode. Depending on the food source that is no longer available the count of some species will decline or totally disappear.

If someone interfered with such an unbalanced ecosystem and would introduce large quantities of food for which there is no longer demand (because species who normally eat it died during the flood) this food would not be eaten and it would start to ferment and putrefy. ⠀

You can imagine what impact this would have on the forest ecosystem if floods and interventions would continue to be the case in a long run: Putrefying food and a lot of gas.

Does this make sense?

Now realize that the same thing happens in our body when we live with an unhealthy relationship with food (see my previous post). If we continuously keep on changing the amount and the type of food we eat. Our body can not find its balance and it becomes bloated and constipated.

So the bottom line is the following. If you suffer bloating and constipation revisit your food beliefs which are stored in your subconscious mind. Most often than not you may not be aware of those at all!!!

Also do not try to absorb too much information about diets in a short period of time. This may lead you to apply all of the contradicting information you collected and cause more digestive damage than benefits. Choose one approach (food type and amount) and stick to it long enough to evaluate it. If it does not work try something else but move slowly.

Does this makes sense to you? What your experience has been? If you think honestly about your attitude to food…..Can you make this link?

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