Intuitive eating

Hey guys, today I would like to share with you some text from the book I am currently reading because the concepts that I am about to share resonate deeply with me. If you have been following me for a while you know that I love to make sense of things. Not just hear, see and do. I am passionate about “connecting the dots”.

We had a live chat with Lissa from Raw food romance some time ago on this subject and this is something I keep on thinking about. Especially when I come across posts and videos: “Why I regret being a raw vegan”.

You can listen to our podcast about intuitive eating with Lissa here. Are you ready to dissolve your food related beliefs? If so read on..

The following text is meant to provide you with a powerful “tool” to help you understand the overall context of my last few posts about weightloss, bloating and constipation. It also explains why people who have a history of restrictive eating are unlikely to succeed with intuitive eating on the HCLF (raw) vegan lifestyle. Here we go!

[…, thoughts cause biochemical reactions in your brain that release chemical signals, and those chemical signals make the body feel exactly the way you were just thinking (Dispenza 2017, p.113).]

[So your thoughts drive your feelings, and your feelings drive your thoughts, and eventually this loop hardwires your brain into the same patters, which conditions your body into the past (Dispenza 2017, p.118).]

[And because emotions are a record of past experiences, if you cant think greater than how you feel, this thinking-feeling loop keeps you anchored to your past and creates a constant state of being. This is how the body becomes the mind-or in time, how your thoughts run you and your feelings own you (Dispenza 2017, p.118).]

Having read this text, would you agree that someone who has conditioned herself/himself to eat 1200-1500kcal a day for the long period of time is very unlikely to succeed with intuitive eating on the HCLF (raw) vegan lifestyle?

More to write but let’s digest this first and continue to elaborate on this in my later posts.

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