Where I buy my produce

When I started my raw vegan journey I bought everything in the supermarkets and it worked. Yet, there was one issue that continued to bother me for long and that was the amount of plastic that always came with my order. I searched online and I just did not seem to find the solution until I started my Instagram account and the solution found me. Yes, it was exactly like I write it.

So where I shop?

Most of the fruit that we buy comes from The groente en fruit paradijs. I choose to buy from them because I like the personal service they offer. I always get good tips about which fruit is ripe, sweet and juicy. This place is also critical about the fruit quality and if some fruit does not taste good they choose not to sell it. If it happens that I receive a bad piece I always get a refund. I also always get information about which fruit is on offer. Their home delivery service is invaluable for me.

I find that making personal contact with place where you decide to buy your produce makes a huge difference. Shopping in the supermarket is convenient but the quality is less good. From my experience it is nearly impossible to find ripe fruit there except of grapes, apples and some berries and the price is higher.

Nevertheless, I still buy bananas, oranges, grapes and frozen fruit in the supermarket. My favourite Dutch supermarket is Albert Hein. This supermarket offers home delivery and I really appreciate that especially because I like to make huge orders and not having to go to do grocery every day.

If you struggle with finding your place for fruit shopping you can always try Asian markets or stores. These shops usually offer variety of fruits and vegetables and you can buy your produce in boxes and by doing so reduce your plastic footprint. Farmers’ markets are another great place to go. Don’t be shy and try to make a personal contact with fruit sellers and before you know you will be surrounded with abundance while paying less money and using less plastic.

What is your favorite place to buy your produce? Share you tips so we can learn from each other 😊

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