How I learned about raw veganism

I came to the raw vegan lifestyle because I was seeking physical healing. Little did I know about how much spiritual healing this lifestyle has to offer.

I went vegan almost over night after having a burn out. Soon after I met with my friend Elsa who had just returned from her three years long adventures in South Africa. We met at the Amsterdam airport and went to a simple restaurant where she ordered a salad and wanted to have it as simple as possible without any unnecessary ingredients. I could not understand why someone would do that back then 😂. So we sat and talked about her working in the raw food restaurant and meeting some awesome people and learning so much. I was excited! I wanted to try this lifestyle!

After my meeting with Elsa, I started to incorporate more raw foods in my diet. Smoothies were my all times favorite and after some time I started to juice and watched my skin to glow and my energy levels to increase. Still I could not be fully raw. I always craved the density of the cooked food. Around the lunch time and in the evening. So I just went with the flow. The longer I was incorporating raw foods in my life the less cooked food I wanted and the more aware of my inner patterns and programs I started to become.

I thought first that raw food was the answer to my digestive problems. Now I know that the answer is my mind and the raw food is the best tool for me to support me on my journey. When I live this lifestyle with self love and without limiting thoughts it does wonders to my body and spirit and I am ever grateful for finding it. The lifestyle of abundance and compassion with myself and others❤️.

Why are you attracted to this way of living?

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