Why do we crave salt on raw vegan diet? Part 1

Thank you for all contributions and reactions to my Instagram stories where I asked you about your experience with salt cravings. I really appreciate all of them. In the next two posts, I will share the summary of all responses and my own insights regarding this subject.

So what causes the salt cravings?

The answer seems to be clear: Weak adrenal glands.

But what is the cause of adrenal weakness then? The following factors are the most important contributors:

1. Continuous living in a fight or flight mode

2. Sleep quality and quantity

Don’t forget that these two are not mutually exclusive but rather interrelated ⭕️. One influences the other and this works both ways.


Living in a fight or flight mode means living in a stress that never stops. I believe that all of the stress we experience (internally and externally) is caused by our belief system; our beliefs about how life should be and how WE should be. Most of us will do anything to unconsciously live up to our own often irrelevant and unrealistic expectations. I used to have many such as: I always have to be neat, I can’t go out while wearing certain outfits, other people think I am silly, I can never do this-others are so much better, I can’t sing, I need to fit in a certain frame to be loveable (80/10/10 frame included), I can’t have an equal conversation with “important” people because I am so much less than them.. etc.

I truly believe that this is the root of all our “problems”. So no matter what our beliefs are we will do just anything to live up to them and this keeps us in that stress mode most of the time because we live in a fear from “failing”. We learned this as children.

So what do we need to do to finally switch the fight or flight mode off?

In order to turn this mode off we need to be able to recognize that we ARE GOOD ENOUGH AS WE ARE. There is nothing we have to do or be in order to be loved. I recommend to check the Inspiring audiobooks to get more insights on this subject.

Who feels that the fear from “failing” is his/her biggest enemy?

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