Why do we crave salt on raw vegan diet? Part 2

In my previous post, I shared the summary of the discussion we had in my Instagram stories about the reasons people experience salt cravings on a raw vegan diet. Many people agreed that this craving is related to the adrenal weakness which is caused by stress of any kind (internal and external; see my previous post) and the lack of sleep.

One important part of the stress management strategy and self love is development of a healthy relationship with food and solid eating routine. The healthy relationship with food is one that does not know fear, guilt, shame and force when it comes to our food choices. Nourishing our bodies with the right food, in the adequate amount and in regular intervals is so important. Skipping meals, excluding food groups and not eating adequate amount of calories creates a lot of stress for our bodies. I wrote about the importance of eating enough countless times but working on releasing fear, guilt and shame regarding food is the most important 🙏🏻.


I thought that being a mom is an extremely challenging job that causes me to switch on my fight or flight mode all the time but is that really so?

After many years of studying diverse spiritual literature and literature on raising children I understand that it is not inherently stressful to be with children. What is truly hard is to be with myself. Does this sound strange?

I have many moments when I truly feel that my children are just the outer expression of my and my husbands’ inner self with all good and bad. They are like our innocent mirrors that do not pretend. It is amazing to recognize this. I start to become aware of the fact that all so called struggles with my kids are just self inflicted. I learned it so many times but I still keep on falling in the “I am the victim mom” role on a regular basis. I feel that our kids need some safety guidance but they don’t need that we parents pass on them our dysfunctional programs by telling them how life is supposed to be.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with me.

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