How many colors do you choose to include in your life?

I don’t follow the mainstream media but from what I see and exchange with people here on Instagram and I feel I would like to write the following about #blacklivesmatter

Racism is real and goes beyond the black vs. white divide. Racism is experienced by many of us just because we are different from the majority that has been accepted to be the norm for certain group of people. I am talking about the color of skin, eyes shape, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, status in the society, the level of education, the neighborhood we live in. All these are just man made labels that are used to unnecessarily divide our society.

I strongly believe that in the end of the day, it is up to each individual to decide to what extent these labels matter for him or her, if at all.

Ask yourself honestly today, how many valuable friendships, vulnerable exchanges, learning experiences or ideas in your life come from people who have different nationality, different color, different culture, different sexual orientation, different status in society than you do.

If you conclude that your life has only been positively shaped by people of your own race, nationality, sexual orientation, culture and religion you can be 💯 sure that there is work to be done to expand your views and experiences. Take this responsibility and do the work!

Connect with people who are different than you.

Treat them with child like curiosity and respect because there is so much these people can teach you.

Stop fearing the “unknown”. Realize that all of us are just cells with different appearances and functions in the body of god/universe 🙏🏻. Much love to you all ❤️

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