A little watermelon lesson

This morning I experienced something beautiful ❤️.

Yesterday, I sent Elizabeth to buy me two watermelons from the supermarket nearby. This morning I opened one of them and thought:
“What a bad watermelon. It has not got any colour at all. It will probably be tasteless.”
And then I started to think further:
“This watermelon did its best to grown into this shape and taste given the condition it was provided to grow in. I will just eat it and appreciate every single bite of it.”

How big was my surprise when I started to cut it and discovered that this seedless melon had few seeds of which many were sprouting 😱. I thought that this was such a beautiful manifestation of the truth. We are so quick to judge others by the way they appear on the outside. Not realizing that EVERYONE is doing their best given the condition they are facing. How beautiful it is to realize that there is so much strength in seemingly weak and unappealing.

Thank you watermelon for teaching me this lesson today ❤️.

Have you ever seen a seedless watermelon with sprouting seeds?

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