What does self care mean to you?

What is it like to care for myself? Does it mean going to the sauna every now and then and then falling into to same mind trap once I return home again?

NO! The true self care happens everyday. It is not a moment for which I need to make money, time or an appointment. It is living in a now and being aware of my own expectations. Especially my own expectations about how I should be or should not be.

Once, I posted in my Instagram stories about my evening and morning marathon with the girls while Peter is traveling. I went through this last year as well and I learned. Last year, I managed the first few weeks very well. I took very good care about what I was eating and how much and I felt great. I would allow girls to have friends over for dinner. I would be going to bed late … until the point when I simply could not do it anymore. At that point, I was irritable and angry with my husband and children. I remember when Peter was finally ready with all his business trips in November (starting in September) I was wasted! That was actually one of the reason I started my Instagram. I wanted to make myself more accountable.

Do you think it helped me?

Yes, being on Instagram and sharing with you is one of the best things I have done for myself in the last year. Does it mean that I feel great all the time? NOT AT ALL! But I am so much more AWARE of my “weak points”.

So yesterday evening and this morning I took the busy perfect mom approach and this afternoon and this evening I will take the loving and relaxed mom approach.

What does self care means for you guys? I love to hear your interpretations!

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