About me

Hi there, I am Zuzana and I am passionate about research and plant based lifestyle. Currently, I am a stay at home mom of four beautiful girls and an energetic rescue dog.

For a big part of my life, I was chasing my education and career. I love to study and I love to do research. I am in a possession of different international certificates, two university master degrees and a PhD. I published three peer reviewed scientific articles, presented my work at various international conferences and designed a course for university students about sustainable entrepreneurship. Doing PhD presented me with many personal development opportunities.

Despite my passion for research, I always dreamed about having a big family. That is why I did not let my professional ambition to stand in the way of my personal dream. I started my PhD in November 2010, when I was pregnant with our first daughter. I defended my thesis in November 2016, two weeks before our fourth daughter was born.

However, my career as a researcher and mother was not always easy. In 2015, I found myself exhausted. I suffered anxiety and insomnia and I was unable to keep up with my ambitions. Although, this period seemed to be the worst in my life it became a blessing. It forced me to rethink my life priories and to start focusing on my true desires. My biggest project ever: The project myself.

During this period, my exhausted body led me to adopt the plant based diet and soon after I became very passionate about the high carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle . I have been fruit based vegan since 2015 and this experience has totally changed my life.

This lifestyle has been helping me to uncover many negative patterns and beliefs which I had about food (especially my food restrictive mentality) and about myself as a woman.

I created this blog to empower women, mothers and young girls around the world to overcome any limiting thoughts regarding food and their own power.

In today’s society, many women have an unhealthy relationship with food. It is generally accepted that calorie restrictive diets are necessary for maintaining a healthy weight. This mindset has resulted in many women and young girls feeling depressed, suffering from various digestive problems and/or eating disorders.

Women and girls, I challenge you to revisit your relationship with food and with yourself and join me in recreating the best version of myself.

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