Books that inspired me on my journey

Bellow is the list of books that influenced me on my journey. Some of them are availalbe for free while others need to be purchased.

Free audio books


Paid Books and Audiobooks

  • When the body says no by Gabor Mate
  • In the realm of hungry ghost by Gabor Mate
  • It did not start with you by Mark Wollyn
  • Waking the tiger by Peter Levine
  • The F*ck it diet by Caroline Dooner
  • Healing the Gerson way by Chalotte Gerson and Beata Bishop
  • Holistic dental care by Nadine Artemis
  • Intuitive eating: 12 Principles for healthy mindful eating habits by Ashley Brain
  • How not to diet by Michael Greger
  • The 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Dough Graham
  • The mucusless diet healing system by Prof. Arnold Ehret
  • Thus speakeath the stomach and the tradegy of nutrition by Prof. Arnold Ehret
  • The definite cure of chronic constipation by Prof. Arnold Ehret
  • Spira speaks by Prof. Spira
  • The detox miracle sourcebook by Dr. Robert Morse
  • Raw, naked and healthy by Suzanne Poot
  • Raw food formula for health by Paul Nisson
  • Liver rescue by Anthony William
  • Secret behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal by Anthony William

Free children books

  • Inside out by Disney production (the story about humans emotions) Click here
  • A bugs life (the story of one ant that dared to be different) Click here